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Hi I’m George Gray, the face behind ECO founder and have you ever asked yourself:

“How can I startup a clean technology business?”

“How can I gain my first customers?”

“How can I fund my clean venture?”

“How can I patent and protect my innovation?”

“How can I learn the basics of business, quickly?”

Or if you’ve ever wanted to move up in your current engineering firm (and get Promoted!!)…

… You are in the RIGHT place.

Here’s How ECO founder Can Help You and Your Business Grow

As Socrates the famous philosopher once said; “The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Thats what I am here to.


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At ECO founder I focus on helping the next generation of entrepreneurs: the innovative engineers and scientists of the world. It’s pointless to try and change established systems, so at ECO founder I focus on creating the New… Enabling a new generation of engineers and scientists to start up Clean Technology Businesses!

Here’s the deal:

I believe that to create environmental change we must become master problem solvers of both engineering clean technologies and turning these technologies into sustainable business ventures.

How can you LEARN BUSINESS and Gain Essential Startup Skills, QUICKLY… to Give You the Freedom to Get Back to Development and Testing?

…subscribe to ECO founder (it’s free!) to use these research-based step-by-step business techniques to bring your clean technology from the lab to the marketplace.

Sound interesting?

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And the best part? I’ll cut the marketing BS and show you a honest approach to business that gets results, all while you actually run your venture, so you can save your money… and TIME on more formal education.

All because I’m really good at breaking down research on clean innovation, startup, marketing and sales into logical and practical steps that you can use today!

Introducing ECO founder

(The Blog and the Web TV Show)

ECO founder is a fast growing community of engineers and scientists who are becoming leaders of clean-tech innovation… and Master Environmental Problem Solvers!

There are two main features of ECO founder. There’s the blog, and the web TV show. When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to both PLUS exclusive “email only” material (I send my email subscribers the most value).

Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

ECO founder, the blog, this is where I share highly PRACTICAL business tips and share Clean-tech specific Startup Skills. In other posts I share insights into Clean-tech innovation researching whats working by looking at  business case-studies.

ECO founder TV, this is where I feature best-selling authors, world-renowned researchers, and professors from top universities. I get them to share their unique insights and then break down how you can take advantage of these insights for your own business.

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About George Gray


ECO founder was started by George Gray. George is a qualified Energy Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur.

After building a number of businesses in various industries (Entertainment, Home Improvement and Energy) he’s focused his energies on helping the new generation of engineers and scientists launch clean innovators.

You’ll find his approach to business research-based and effective. He bases his approach off lean startup principles (which originates from lean manufacturing – something all engineers can understand!). This approach has been used by internet and tech giants: Zappos and Dropbox.

More specifically, he uses data driven indicators to measure a ventures progress, and to learn quickly to stay ahead of the market and far ahead of any competitors.

If you want to learn these Business Tips and Clean-tech specific Startup Skills, all you have to do is enter your email below and click “Let’s Do This!”

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