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Career Advice for Engineers, from a Engineer gone CEO

Career Advice for Engineers, from a Engineer gone CEO

Career Advice for Engineers

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Learning from the top is something I always recommend.

If you want to be a body builder you should learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you want to be the leader of a movement you should learn from Nelson Mandela.

If you want to be an investor you should learn from Warren Buffet.

The problem with learning from the top is that they can be hard people to reach.

Warren Buffet doesn’t answer my phone calls and Nelson Mandela is no longer with us.

If you’re smart (and you read) then you can learn a lot from reading the books of the greats but nothing beats a conversation with someone at the top.

Recently I was lucky enough to get some time to talk to a engineer who rose up the ranks to reach the top of his industry.

Career Advice for Engineers!

In this Episode of ECO founder TV I’m joined by Matt Ewen the managing director at Filtration Technology Ltd who shares some valuable career advice for engineers.

Matt is a mechanical engineer by training who rose up the ranks to be at the helm of one of Australasia’s top water and waste water treatment firms. The company now has projects in New Zealand, Australia, and throughout the Pacific. In this video you’ll learn from the top and gain some valuable career advice that will help you succeed in your own engineering career.

Specifically you’ll learn….

- The basics of water and waste water treatment
- How Matt got his initial internship at Filtec
- How he rose up the ranks as an engineer
- Matt’s top tips for recent graduate engineers
- What the future holds for water and wastewater treatment technologies
- How the global environmental factors we face will have an impact on the water and wastewater treatment sector in the future.

Take a look at Matt’s Firm…

Filtec Ltd. -

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