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Mechanical Engineer Shares What They DON’T Teach You In College

Mechanical Engineer Shares What They DON’T Teach You In College

Mechanical Engineer

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The average student takes 4-5 years to pick up a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering.

The mechanical engineer with a strong background in physics and mathematics has seemingly endless career possibilities which are also attractive… and lucrative.

Students learn the key mechanical engineering topics, such as statics and dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, stress analysis, mechanical design and technical drawing. 

With such a degree you can look forward to a career involving vehicle design, robotics, nanotechnology or energy. Now more than ever there is a demand for the trusted mechanical engineer.

As a Mechanical Engineer there is one key skill that you’ll need… 

…How to Plan and Manage Technology Projects.

Product Development

Yes, every business sells something. Every business has customers and every business provides value for those customers.

Value can be created and delivered to customers in two forms: products and services.

When it comes to launching a new technology product you’ll need to plan it out.

With the creation technology products your mechanical engineering degree gives you a great background in planning the technical aspects of the project.

But what about the business side of things?

Many engineers get stuck in a trap when it comes to product design. Fulfilling the design briefs and making something that functionally work is great…

… as long as people actually want your solution.

If they do want it, then how do they find out it exists… and how do they purchase and receive the product?

To answer these questions you’ll need a marketing and sales plan.

As David Berry explains in the interview below the product development plan and the marketing and sales plan go hand in hand.

In this Episode of ECO founder TV you’ll learn what they don’t teach you in engineering schools about product development. David Berry, a mechanical engineer gone startup founder, shares his secrets to effective product development and how to scale a newly formed startup into international markets.

David is the Director and Founder of ControlVision a New Zealand based engineering firm that specialises in Machine Vision & Robotics. As an mechanical engineer who has in business for himself for over 15 years David shares some unique insights that you won’t learn at engineering school.

Watch the interview below:

Specifically you’ll learn…

  • All about Machine Vision and the future of Robotic Technologies
  • How forward thinking engineers look to scale their impact through applications of technology
  • How to tackle international markets as a small company
  • Why having a high barrier to entry is actually an advantage for newly found startups
  • Why engineers must think sales in the early stages of technology development
  • Why the marketing plan must be hand in hand with your product development plan
  • What David has learnt over his career and what he’d wish he’d know from the start

David’s Company –> ControlVision

Thanks for watching this episode of ECO founder TV! Let me know what you have learnt in the comments below.

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