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Choose the Best Solar System

Choose the Best Solar System

Free Energy, Now!

I remember looking up at the Sun when I was a child and wondering how it could be soo far away and yet still burn my fair skin in the summer.

I realise this isn’t a problem for everyone, however, we can all agree that at some point we have marvelled at the sun’s immense radiative power.

It’s incredible to think that according to this Cleantechnica post (do your self a favour and check out their site!) around 2/3 of the solar photovoltaic installed around the world was installed within the last 2½ years. Equally surprising is that in the US, the number was 68% in the last 2½ years.

Now it seems possible that in the future a even larger portion of our electricity demand will be met by this free energy source. The solar industry continues to grow and a key component of this growth is the residential sector.

As the barriers to entry for solar companies continue to decrease one of the biggest problems residential consumers face is choosing the right solar system and the right financing offer to match. It can be tough, on one hand you want to learn all about the different technologies and the different ways to invest so to reap the financial benefits, but one the other hand this can be a very time consuming and laborious task.

Instead wouldn’t be great if someone had done all the research work for you to provide you with some genuine and honest advice.

That’s why I am excited to be joined by Michal Bacia on ECO founder TV. Michal writes at Hi Energy and has released a new book “How to choose the best solar system and financing offer for you”: a solar energy book that explains it from the perspective of an every day user. It is a step by step guide showing people how solar is beneficial for them.

Michal a expert of photovoltaic solar (PV) installations and in this episode, Michal is going to share with us some insights on the new solar technologies and share some tips for everyday users of solar energy.

Specifically we discuss…

  • Michals inspiration behind his book.
  • What to look for when choosing a solar provider
  • The biggest challenge that people face when looking to install a solar system
  • Financing offers and what to consider when making an investment in solar.
  • New technologies and innovations within the industry.

Thanks for Watching ECO founder TV! I hope you enjoyed the interview and if you interested in installing your own solar system you can buy his book on Amazon, here.

I’d also encourage you to check out Michals work at his blog Hi Energy People where he is giving away the first chapter of his book for free!

Check back here again next week for another episode of ECO founder TV!

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